NCBEA Bylaws and Policies & Procedures

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Section 1 Directories
  Current Year’s NCBEA Directory (Update each year)
  NCBEA Past Presidents’ Current Addresses (Update each year)
  Past NCBEA Presidents and Convention Sites (Update each year)
  NCBEA Student Recognition Award Recipients (Update each year)
  State Directories (Update each year)


Section 2 NCBEA Bylaws*


Section 3  Administrative Board Member Duties *
  Past President*
  NCBEA Director to the NBEA Executive Board*
  State Membership Directors*
  Newsletter Editor*


Section 4  NCBEA Executive Committee*


Section 5  Standing Committees and General Rules Governing Standing Committees
  Current Year’s Committee Assignments


Section 6  Awards Committee*(Policies)


Section 7 Budget Committee* (Policies)


Section 8  Bylaws & Standing Rules Committee* (Policies)


Section 9  Legislative Committee* (Policies)


Section 10 Marketing/Linkages Committee* (Policies)


Section 11   Nominating Committee* (Policies)


Section 12    Program of Work Committee*(Policies)


Section 13  Publications Committee* (Policies)


Section 14   Strategic Planning Committee* (Policies)

Section 15  Special Committees* (Policies)


Section 16   Technology Committee* (Policies)


Section 17    Financial Policy*(Policies)


Section 18  Newsletter Policy* (Policies)
Section 19 Website Policy* (Policies)

Section 20 Program of Work/Strategic Plan (Update each year)

Section 21 Administrative Board Minutes (2 years)


Section 22 Business Meeting Minutes (2 years)


Section 23 President’s Reports (2 years)


Section 24 Treasurer’s Reports (2 years)

Section 25 NCBEA Director to the NBEA Executive Board Reports (2 years)

Section 26 State (Membership Directors' Reports 2 years)


Section 27 NBEA Membership Reports (2 years)

Section 28 Miscellaneous Reports (2 years)


Section 29 Miscellaneous/Correspondence


*Denotes Policies & Procedures (Content may only be modified with approval of Administrative Board. Pages should not be removed.)  

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